Encrypted connections to your web servers

Via SURFcertificates, you can apply for various types of digital certificates at relatively low cost. Certificates are important for your institution's ICT security: they encrypt information between clients and web servers, and can provide a digital signature for e-mail, documents or software. You can also use them for authentication.
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Cheaper certificates

Through SURFcertificates, you make unlimited use of different types of certificates for a fixed, low monthly fee.

Reliable certificates from Sectigo

Sectigo is the supplier of SURFcertificates. This is one of the largest and most reliable certificate authorities in the world.

One supplier for all certificates

Besides 'normal' TLS/SSL certificates, we offer code-signing and person certificates for authentication, email signing, and document signing. In addition, there are IGTF/eScience and grid certificates for specific research applications. Where relevant, certificates are also available with Extended Validation (EV).

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About SURFCertificates: ICT security tool

A certificate provides encryption of communication between systems and authentication. You make large-scale use of certificates through SURF Certificates, at relatively low cost, including:

  • standard and extended-validation server certificates,
  • personal certificates for all employees
  • grid certificates for e-science environments,
  • code-signing certificates,
  • document-signing certificates.

Certificates can be issued via a web interface or end-user forms, but also via an API or the ACME protocol. With this kind of automation, you reduce the management burden for certificate use. If you have any questions, contact SURF's administrators directly and we will be happy to help you think about automation or specific applications.

Who is SURFcertificates intended for?

You use this service as an administrator of web servers or as an ICT security officer. You can easily apply for SURFcertificates online via My SURF. You can use SURFcertificates if your institution is affiliated to SURF.

More information?

Visit SURFcertificates wiki with all information about SURFcertificates services.