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AI policy for education course

We invite policy officers to work together with lecturers, students, procurement experts, lawyers, privacy officers, IT staff, and staff from teaching and learning centres within their own institution.

Beeld potlood AI
27 Jun 2024 — 07 Apr 2025

About the course

We take you into the complex world of AI for education where we work bit by bit on a policy paper. We lay the foundation for AI in module 1 for a realistic picture. In module 2, we dive into public values and ethics, and make the link to your own institution's educational vision. Followed by module 3 where we look for the legal frameworks. In module 4, we look at AI for education through the lenses of pedagogy, didactics and research. All previous modules come together in number 5 where you work through various use cases with your colleagues in a 'digital war room' where policy touches practice. And we conclude in module 6 where we take the time to learn from each other.

Due to diversity considerations (mbo/hbo/wo), there will be a selection, the prerequisites:

  • Employed at an educational institution
  • Function: policy maker at institution level
  • Commitment to actively work on a policy document
  • Send replacement in case of absence

Time commitment

On average 3 hours per week (5 live sessions, 2 online sessions, homework and coordinating with colleagues)

Enrolment deadline

1 June 2024. Don't worry, we will help you find the right colleagues, we have time for that until the end of September.

Dates modules

Module Date + time Location
01 Programme & AI Thu 27 June 14:30-16:30 online
02 Ethics and PW Fri 27 Sep 10:00-16:00 physical
03 Legal Frameworks Fri 11 Oct 10:00-16:00 physical
04 Pedagogy Fri 8 Nov 10:00-16:00 physical
05 Use cases Fri 29 Nov 10:00-16:00 online
06 Wrap-up Mon 9 Dec 12:00-16:00 physical
Driver presentation Dec ntb physical
Return day Mon 7 Apr 12:00-16:00 physical

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