SURF Education Days 2024 for mbo, hbo and wo

Setting the right tone for the future together will be central during the education & IT event of the year: the SURF Education Days on 12 and 13 November. During the 26th edition, we inspire participants to look ahead and outline the educational developments that will become relevant in the coming years.

Logo Onderwijsdagen 2024

Looking back at SURF Education Days 2023

Working together to improve and future-proof education was at the heart of the 25th edition of the SURF Education Days. This year, you could experience how to prepare for the future as an education professional during the many sessions, activities during the Unconference and inspiring keynotes.

Missed SURF Education Days 2023?

Did you miss SURF Education Days 2023 or want to watch sessions back? Check out the highlights in the form of videos, photos, presentations and an article highlighting an interesting take on sessions.

Five highlights

What to take away from SURF Education Days 2023. Raging reporter Jan Michielsen reports on:

  • Future foresight: experience the future now and increase your influence on the future
  • Together you learn faster how to develop a Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • The future campus is not set in stone, so keep talking about it
  • Generative AI: using the panic to improve blended education
  • Increase your data literacy with a serious game

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De spectaculaire openingsshow met Airman

The spectacular opening show with Airman

Leon Sprooten, Timon Idema en Diana Molenschot winnen Onderwijsawards 2023

Leon Sprooten, Timon Idema and Diana Molenschot win Education Awards

Keynote Harry Parker

Keynote Harry Parker on how technology, being part of your body, affects your self-image and personality

Mensen die praten tijdens een sessie op de SURF Onderwijsdagen

Much knowledge was exchanged during the parallel sessions

Keynote Kees van Amstel

Keynote Kees van Amstel closes the Education Days and sums up the days

Spellen tijdens de parallelsessies

Shaping the future during sessions

Expositie Future Campus

Future Campus exhibition: education then and now

Robot op de SURF Onderwijsdagen

Robot at SURF Education Days

Rudy van Belkom SURF Onderwijsdagen

Keynote Rudy van Belkom on highlighting the importance of thinking proactively about the future and demonstrating that the future is not an inevitability, but rather something we shape ourselves

Hoe zie jij de toekomst voor je?

How do you envisage the future?

Netwerkplein Onderwijsdagen 2023

There was much to see and do at the Networking Square.

Keynote Farshida Zafar op de Onderwijsdagen 2023

Farshida Zafar on on bringing about change within educational institutions, dealing with resistance and what steps can be taken today to bring about change.

Betekenaar Lilian Leahy op podium SURF Onderwijsdagen

Signifier Lilian Leahy shares how visitors see the campus of the future

What will education look like in 2040?
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Alle partners van de SURF Onderwijsdagen 2023

Thank you to all partners who contributed to OWD23.

More photos from SURF Education Days 2023