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Dynamic purchasing system for online proctoring software available

Together with experts from institutions, we have put together a Dynamic Procurement System (DPS) for online procurement software. The first four suppliers have been admitted to this marketplace, so your institution can now easily purchase proctoring software by issuing a request for proposal.

What is online proctoring?

Online proctoring means that an exam or test that is taken remotely is checked via the computer, tablet and/or smartphone to verify whether the examined person complies with the rules, requirements or conditions attached to the exam or test.

What is a DPS?

A DPS is a market place in which suppliers who comply with set criteria can offer standard products and services within a product category. SURF puts out a tender in the market for the product category of the DPS and assesses whether the suppliers are admitted.

Institutions themselves place a functional request for proposal in the DPS and receive quotations from the suppliers within that product category. This request for proposal can be made using the set of requirements (building blocks) compiled by the working group. If desired, you can also add and/or remove functionalities. You then evaluate the quotations and determine yourself which supplier you will conclude an agreement with. More information about the DPS can be found on this page.

Authorised suppliers

There are currently 4 vendors admitted to the marketplace for online proctoring.



Proctorio GmbH


Proctor Exam

Proctor Exam

PSI Services Ltd


D2L Corporation

Integrity Advocate

The number of vendors for the DPS is not limited. Other vendors may be admitted at a later date if they meet the admission requirements.

Does your institution also want to use the DPS online proctoring? Then sign up via inkoop@surf.nl.