Retrospective webinar SURFcumulus on Governance

During this webinar, you heard about the best approaches and tools to manage cloud resources or ensure regulatory and policy compliance. You also got to know the insights and experiences of cloud security professionals.

Cloud management tools
27 Jun 2023
From 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Getting started with governance in the cloud

During this webinar on governance in the cloud, you heard all about managing cloud resources and ensuring compliance with regulations and policies. We shared our insights and experience on:

  • The challenges and benefits of governance in the cloud.
  • The essential elements of a cloud governance framework
  • The latest trends and technologies in cloud governance

For whom was this webinar intended?

Ict managers, (cloud) architects, information managers, policy and direction makers or cloud enthusiasts who wanted to know more about managing cloud resources, regulatory compliance and policy assurance or securing information.

More information

There are several cloud governance frameworks. The Open Group, known for its Enterprise Architecture Framework TOGAF, is developing such a cloud governance framework. In this webinar, you heard about the different concepts within this framework.