SURF Cloud Event 2024

Join us on 7 March for the SURF Cloud Event! During this day, you will be introduced to various cloud applications for education and research and hear about security and governance issues.

Prodentfabriek in Amersfoort

Keynote Sander Duivestein

Sander is a speaker, trendwatcher, internet entrepreneur, consultant, author and columnist on the impact of new technology.

Sander Duivestein presenteert

He is an expert on topics such as: Bitcoin 2.0, robots, technological unemployment, collaboration/platform economy, wearable computing, artificial intelligence, privacy, countercultures, NBIC, singularity and Quantified Self and publishes on Marketingfacts, Emerce and in Trouw. Furthermore, he is the most-read blogger of the largest communications blog in the Netherlands, Frankwatching.

"Accelerated change is the only constant in the digital age."
Sander Duivestein

Sander has a mission: to interpret the impact of technology on people, business and society. Technology is changing the world at a lightning pace, he says. "Accelerated change is the only constant in the digital age. "

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