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SURF Cloud Event 2024

On 7th of March, we gathered at the SURF Cloud Event. You heard all about cloud and AI, were introduced to several of today's cloud applications for education and research, and together we discussed security and governance issues.

SURF Cloudevent 2024

Retrospective SURF Cloudevent 2024

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Keynote: Real Fake - Sander Duivestein

Sander Duivestein gave his take on the future of cloud and AI. You got an insight into his view on digital transformation, ethics in AI and technological impact on society. Why ethical responsibility is essential, how to strategically look ahead and make the most of AI's role in a rapidly evolving digital world.

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Cloudsourcing strategy: getting a grip on the clouds - Andres Steijaert, SURF

Together with its members, SURF developed the new cloud sourcing strategy, which provides guidance to members who want to explore the possibilities of cloud computing for education and research.

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EdTech update SURF and Npuls - Ellena Papageorgiou, SURF

An update on what SURF and Npuls are working on in the field of EdTech, including procurement processes, projects, experiments and plans for the coming year.

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The Future of Cloud - Giuseppe Gianquitto, SURF

A session on emerging technologies and social and economic forces that are fundamentally changing our understanding of cloud technology and how future implications of emerging technologies will continue to shape cloud technology.

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Save The Tiger in the Cloud - Paulo van Breugel, HAS green academy

The 'Save the Tiger, Save the Grassland, Save the water' project, deploys AI, remote sensing and spatial modelling to conserve tiger habitat in Nepal. This session provides insight into how to use Azure for data storage and processing, and a preview of the future development of a Python analytics framework.

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Update on Cloud Procurement OCRE 2024 - Monique Pellinkhof, GÉANT

GÉANT, together with SURF and others, is putting effort into the approach, planning and principles of the new IaaS+ tender for 40 European countries: OCRE 2024. In this session also the requirements that shape this tender.

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Cloud: can you soon count in it only when the wind blows? - Christian van Barneveld, Ruud Knijn, UvA / HvA

IT Services (the joint ICT service for the University of Amsterdam and the University of Applied Sciences) shares experiences on the quest for less ecological cloud impact. A session on sustainability goals, awareness and decision-making, eco-dashboards and innovation. What sustainability opportunities does the cloud offer?

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Introducing house rules for Azure: Cybersecurity in education - Dave Heuts, SURF

On how the new house rules increase the order and security of Azure cloud environments and mitigate future digital threats. Last year, a hefty hack at a cost of €2 million underlined the importance of a securely set up cloud environment.

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The Journey Towards a Federated European Cloud - Erik Langius, Serkan Keskin, TNO

This session will cover Gaia-X and IPCEI CIS, two large-scale initiatives setting up an Open Cloud Ecosystem with Cloud Federation. An overview of current and future developments, and a concrete demonstration of a cloud federation living lab based on This living lab federates Kubernetes clusters across multiple cloud vendors, based on different technology stacks, to eliminate vendor lock-ins.

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Asimovo: Smarter Robotics Research & Education - Christine Fraser, Asimovo

Asimovo and SURF together explore possible collaborations to empower institutions and students in robotics. A session on our shared vision and how our cloud-based platform enables creativity and development in robotics.

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