SURF Summit 2024

The SURF Summit is the annual catch-up for board members, CSCs and other (administrative) relations in the SURF cooperative. Get on board and be the first to hear the latest developments inside and outside the cooperative.

SURF Summit 2024
09 Oct 2024
Floating Pavilion in the Dokhaven of the RDM Campus in Rotterdam

Get on board

This year, board members, CSCs and other (administrative) relations of SURF will gather at a very unique location: the Floating Pavilion located in the Dokhaven of the RDM Campus in Rotterdam. An inspiring breeding ground for innovation due to the presence of the Rotterdam University of applied sciences, Techniek College Rotterdam and several startups. Besides Schiphol Airport and the digital infrastructures, the port of Rotterdam is one of the three official main ports of the Netherlands. And let the digital mainport be the focus of this summit and the keynote by Ron Augustus (CINO SURF).

SURF as a collective: together in the same boat

As SURF, we form a unique collective. A collective that is becoming increasingly important due to a changing environment. In what ways can we best use our combined forces? What do starboard and port look like? And where do we find each other and where do you perhaps cast off the ropes. Get on board?

In addition, you will hear which digital and technological developments impact on us as a research and education community, we will update you on the state of affairs regarding the SURF Strategy 2022-2027 and keynotes will give you food for thought. So you will be up to date in one go and, as every year, you will leave the summit with a catch of valuable important information and inspiration.


14.30 Reception
15.00 Opening
15.05 Welcome by Wijnand van den Brink (host Floating Pavilion)
15.10 Keynote Jet de Ranitz - CEO SURF
15.20 Keynote Marcel Levi - chairman of NWO - on the value of science
15.55 Discussion round 1
16.15 Break
16.35 Keynote Claudia de Anrade de Wit - Director Digital & IT at the Port of Rotterdam, Board member CIO Platform Netherlands, Member Cyber Security Council
16.55 Discussion round 2
17.15 Keynote Ron Augustus - CINO SURF - on the digital mainport

During this SURF Summit, we find ourselves in the port area of Rotterdam. Besides Schiphol Airport and digital infrastructures, this is the Netherlands' third mainport. As SURF, we are closely involved in digital infrastructures, or in other words: the digital mainport. This ecosystem of digital infrastructures, services and technologies connects the Netherlands to the global digital economy. As such, this mainport is of great importance to us as an education and research community. However, the Netherlands' leading position as a digital mainport is under pressure. What does this mean for us as SURF?
17.45 Closing
18.00 Drinks and dinner


Het Drijvend Paviljoen

This year's SURF Summit will take place at the Floating Pavilion located in the Dokhaven of the RDM Campus in Rotterdam. Special water taxis will sail from Metrostation Leuvehaven to the pavilion. Coming by car? Then check the parking options in advance.

More information about the location

About the SURF Summit

SURF Summit is the annual event where board members, CSCs and other (administrative) relations of SURF meet sector-wide, learn from each other and hear new things. Besides a substantive programme full of topical themes and an update on where we stand as SURF, there is plenty of room for networking. We will conclude the afternoon with a networking dinner.


Participation in the SURF Summit is by personal invitation only. Would you like more information? Then send a message to