Joint resilience against (cyber) threats

There is a strong need to invest in cyber security within our sector. In 2023, we did so with joint cyber crisis exercises and enhanced cooperation with the MBO Council. We presented the SURF Security & Privacy Award and published the Cyber Threat Assessment 2023.


OZON 2023 cyber crisis exercise evaluation: basics in place, time for sectoral cooperation

Deelnemer aan OZON

In 2023, we evaluated OZON, the sector-wide cyber crisis exercise for education and research. The evaluation showed that OZON has increased knowledge and awareness of cyber threats at more than 80 per cent of institutions. The majority of institutions have a crisis protocol in place and are better prepared for cyber attacks. With the basics in place, institutions are ready for sectoral cooperation.

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Security Expertise Centre platform live

Het nieuwe security operations center bundelt cybersecuritykracht

The Security Expertise Centre is a knowledge platform for cyber resilience, facilitated by institutions, external partners and SURF. By combining knowledge and making it available on one platform, we can strengthen the cyber resilience of the entire education and research sector together. In June 2023, the website went live.

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MBO Council and SURF join forces to make MBO sector more resilient to cyber attacks

Ondertekening samenwerkingsconvenant MBO Raad en SURF

To make the MBO more resilient to cyber attacks, we joined forces with the MBO Council. From 2023, SURF's Innovation Zone (Cyber)Security and the Programme Cyber Security MBO will be working together more closely.

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Cyber Threat Assessment education and research 2023

Cover Cyberdreigingsbeeld 2023 studente met VR-bril

The number of cyber incidents remains unabated, also in education and research. Cybercrime is developing so fast that institutions can hardly keep up. Increased cooperation and risk-based working are needed to enhance institutions' resilience. These and other conclusions can be found in our Cyber Threat Assessment 2023.

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Stijn Hoogervorst wins SURF's Security & Privacy Award 2023

Visual waarin de naam van de winnaar staat

Stijn Hoogervorst, Chief Information Security Officer at NWO-I, won the SURF Security & Privacy Award in 2023. He received the award for developing a security baseline for education and research. The security baseline provides a concrete set of measures that institutions can use to better secure their IT infrastructure.

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