Customer satisfaction survey

SURF values good cooperation with its relations. In order to continue optimising the collaboration, your opinion is very important to us. That is why you as contact persons (such as users, purchasers and administrators) receive an invitation for the Customer Satisfaction Survey (KTO).

Open gebouw met studenten

You will receive this invitation if you hold one of the following roles:

  • Manager of a service
  • Administrator of a service
  • ICO (network/infrastructure contact person)
  • ICP (institutional contact)
  • End-user of a service
  • Research support person
  • (Software) contact person (with access to my.surfmarket)
  • Contact person other, namely.

You will receive an invitation to an online questionnaire. The independent market research firm Ruigrok NetPanel is conducting this survey on behalf of SURF.

Online questionnaire by e-mail

The survey will take place via an online questionnaire. You will receive an e-mail from SURF or Ruigrok NetPanel with a link to Ruigrok NetPanel's questionnaire. The link contains no reference to personal data.

Ruigrok NetPanel will only use the answers from the questionnaire for this survey. Naturally, all data and answers will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).

How are confidentiality and your privacy guaranteed?

To ensure confidentiality and your privacy, the following actions will be taken:

  • SURF and Ruigrok NetPanel have signed a processing agreement drawn up by SURF.
  • Only Ruigrok NetPanel has access to the data and has the right to process it.
  • When processing the data, only outcomes are generated. There is a separation between personal data from SURF's relation file and the answers, so they can never be stored in 1 file. The outcomes are therefore processed anonymously (also for the Processor, in this case Ruigrok NetPanel).
  • Ruigrok NetPanel checks open answers for traceable data. If these are present, they are removed or censored or may be chosen to present a list of open answers at a more general level.
  • Data storage takes place only with anonymised datasets.
  • SURF may gain access to an anonymised dataset for archiving at the end of the study. This contains no personal data and does not contain answers that can be traced back to individuals.
  • There is one exception to this: at the end of the questionnaire, you can indicate whether you wish to leave your details so that SURF can contact you on the basis of your answers; this is not compulsory. If you agree to this, your personal data and your answers will not be separated as described above and your answers will not be anonymous. Your answers will then be personally traceable so that follow-up can be given to your answers.

Unique participation link

Ruigrok NetPanel creates a unique participation link so that someone cannot participate twice. These unique links are composed of random numbers and letters, so there is no regularity here. They contain no reference to the e-mail address. So even if someone intercepts a link, they do not gain access to the contact's personal data.

Personal data protection measures

Ruigrok NetPanel is a member of the Market Research Association (MOA) and the European Market Research Association ESOMAR. In addition, Ruigrok NetPanel is a member of the Research Keurmerkgroep. As a member of the MOA, Ruigrok NetPanel adheres to the International Market Research Code, drawn up by ESOMAR in collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and the Code of Conduct on the Protection of Privacy when conducting market research.

Please also read SURF's privacy statement.

International market research code

The International Market Research Code regulates the ethical and business basics of conducting market and opinion research such as:

  • the rights of the respondent
  • the guarantee of the respondent's anonymity
  • the professional responsibility of the researcher
  • the mutual rights and responsibilities of researchers and clients

In short, this means that data will only be used for the research, never for sale or other commercial purposes. Ruigrok Netpanel may, however, use the results of the survey to improve its own service. Data will not be passed on to third parties and will be processed anonymously and reported to SURF. This ensures the privacy of contact persons. SURF will not have access to personal data in combination with the survey results unless you agree to the exception and indicate that your relationship manager may contact you based on your answers. The results of the member satisfaction survey are presented and reported to SURF without any data being traceable to individual persons.

Further information

Do you have any questions about this survey? If so, please contact SURF Communications at