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Students and lecturers should be able to easily access a rich collection of digital educational resources in one place, be it from publishers or higher education institutions. One national infrastructure makes this possible.


Good practices open leermaterialen

Exploit the opportunities of digital educational resources

What challenges do institutions face in using digital educational resources in practice?

  • How do you form a vision on digital educational resources?
  • How do you organise your organisation to support and stimulate the instructor in this process?
  • What technology do you need?
  • How can an instructor in the practice work with digital educational resources?

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Getting started with open educational resources

Do you want to make educational resources accessible to everyone? Start by going through our step-by-step plans (roadmaps) that offer support for various disciplines within education.

  • Introduction
  • Policy
  • Self-development and sharing
  • Professional community
  • Quality model
  • Technical vocabulary
  • Workshop development


Open bibliotheek met hele hoge boekenwand en werkende studenten

Our Goal

  • Students and instructors can access an optimal mix of educational resources - consisting of open, semi-open, and commercial materials - anytime, anywhere. These educational resources are easy to find in a single spot.

How do we realise this goal?


Diensten voor digitale leermaterialen

SURF werkt de komende jaren aan een samenhangend dienstenportfolio voor digitale leermaterialen. Dit bestaat uit edusources, NL Bron, CopyRIGHT, gezamenlijke inkoop van digitale leermaterialen en ondersteuning voor docenten en onderwijsprofessionals.

Educational practice

edusources pagina community's

The professional community Information Literacy leads by example

The professional community Information Literacy, in which librarians are united, shares its own educational resources. Harrie van der Meer, chair of the professional community, explains why sharing is important and what role edusources plays.

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Videos openleermaterialen in de praktijk

Be inspired by enthusiastic teachers

There are plenty of reasons for teachers to start working with OERs. These instructors believe in sharing knowledge. (in Dutch)

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SURF Communities

SURF Communities

Special Interest Group Open education

Are you working on the development of online education and/or Open Educational Resources (OERs)? Or do you want to support instructors in this process? Get in touch with other experts in the Special Interest Group (SIG) Open Education. In order to increase and stimulate openness in higher education together.

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Open ruimte in bibliotheek met studenten

Task Force Libraries Open & Online Education

What is the role of the library in open and online education? The experts in this community increase their knowledge in 5 theme groups.

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Community edusources

Community edusources

Word lid van de Community edusources waar kennis en ervaringen worden gedeeld over digitale leermaterialen!

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