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Working together to make the use of OERs the norm

SURF and institutions have a common mission; to make the use of OERs a matter of course. Let's share learning materials widely and openly as much as possible. That is both efficient and enhances the quality of Dutch education. Make use of all the knowledge and expertise on and join the edusources community.

Taking steps together to change the culture

In 2022, Dutch educational institutions signed a declaration stating their ambition as institutions themselves and jointly to take the lead in creating, sharing, reusing and procuring digital and Open Educational Resources. By making digital OERs more available, traceable and reusable, we will jointly improve Dutch education. That is why in recent months, SURF and the preparatory phase of Npuls have worked hard to further develop the edusources service and to start a community to connect education professionals.

Collaboration at national level

A new national community edusources has been established, where education professionals collaborate on OERs. They engage in discussions, share knowledge and practical examples, provide tips and feedback, and launch new initiatives to make open sharing and reuse of learning resources the norm. To support the community, we have set up a community platform. Will you join too?

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Revamped edusources website is live

On you will now find everything about digital OERs in one convenient place. Are you looking for learning resources, a subject community or information on policy-making within your institution? Or would you like to join the edusources community to spar with educational professionals from other institutions? edusources is your starting point. That way you learn from others and don't have to reinvent the wheel or reinvent it on your own.

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