Education and test environment

Students and lecturers have constantly changing needs when it comes to using tools in education. SURF is working with educational institutions to provide a suitable range of educational applications and a digital learning environment that will enable institutions to design and support their teaching.


 Grand challenges learning analytics open en online onderwijs

Our goals towards 2025

  • Students can follow high-quality education and take tests independently of time and place
  • Teachers are supported in the delivery of hybrid education by appropriate educational applications and a digital learning environment.

Learning Environment

Foto werkwijzer referentiemodel

Controlling the digital learning environment

What challenges do institutions face when organising an optimal digital learning environment?

  • How do you form a vision?
  • How do you set up a digital learning environment?
  • What technology do you need?
  • What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing modules?
  • How can you further develop the digital learning environment?

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Learning Spaces (Credits: Jasper van Winden)

Learning spaces

Learning spaces properly support activational education and help students develop 21st century skills. The physical spaces offer extensive didactic opportunities, stimulate learning processes and are in some cases rich in technology. But how do you develop learning spaces? How do you ensure that they are used to their full potential?

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Educational Applications

Project Educatieve applicaties: overzicht in beschikbare tools

Doe mee met de pilot Platform voor educatieve applicaties

Docenten hebben behoefte aan een actueel overzicht van onderwijsapplicaties die hun instelling aanbiedt. Via het Platform voor educatieve applicaties is dit mogelijk. In 2021 deden we een proof of concept met 6 onderwijsinstellingen. De evaluatie is positief en daarom willen we een pilot starten. We horen graag of je mee wilt doen!

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Platform Educational Applications project: Insight into available tools

With the Platform Educational Applications project, SURF is looking for a joint solution for sharing information about applications via a platform.

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Studenten werken samen op Hogeschool


SURF has developed an LTI-launcher with which it is possible to start up LTI applications from various locations within the digital learning environment.

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Hoe staat het met de digitale leeromgeving 2020

What about the digital learning environment?

Which applications do institutions use to support education?  Take a look at the overview of the most used applications in 2020.

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Een lege zaal waar digitaal getoetst wordt

Knowledge file: Digital testing

What challenges do institutions face when it comes to the safe digital testing of students?

  • What is the best way to use online proctoring?
  • How can you make the entire testing process secure?
  • How can you administer tests safely and flexibly at any time and place?

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Education in Practice

Jasper van Winden - hybride classroom2

Hybrid education with a pedal board

"My teaching style calls for a lot of interaction and much less one-way traffic." Jasper van Winden (UU) talks about his initiatives to make education more interactive.

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User experiences with the learning environment

For many institutions, it is a challenge to achieve an optimum user experience for the digital learning environment. Watch the video (in Dutch) with the experiences of Ton Gloudemans (Inholland), Pieter van Langen (HvA) and Tim Fleumer (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences).

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