Security and privacy

Students, teachers and researchers benefit from a secure online environment. Security services can help and offer many advantages. SURF provides you with affordable and secure services. These services are developed especially for and by institutions.


Cyber excersise (N)OZON

Cybercrisis exercise OZON and the tabletop version NOZON.

Prepare for a cyber crisis and find out if your institution is well prepared!

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Security Expertise Centrum

SURF Security Expertise Centrum (SURFsec)

Het Security Expertise Centrum helpt instellingen weerbaar te maken en te houden tegen cybersecuritydreigingen en -aanvallen. In dit samenwerkingsverband van instellingen, SURF en externe partners bundelen, ontwikkelen en ontsluiten we kennis en expertise op het gebied van security op één platform. Het centrum is nog in ontwikkeling.

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Policy support

How can you as an institution set up a good policy for privacy or security? Colleague institutions preceded you and, together with SURF, produced a large number of documents and publications.

Making policy for privacy

Making policiy for security

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Security communities

Fight cyber threats together with other security experts in the SCIRT-community

Develop guidelines to improve information security together with other information security officers, in SCIPR.


Taskforce Beyond Privacy Shield

The invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield has major consequences. The SURF Taskforce Beyond Privacy Shield is working on a solution.

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Privacy by design

Tool for making your service or product as privacy-friendly as possible right from the design stage (in Dutch).

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GDPR and information security

Cybersecurity deserves your attention

Collaboration on cyber security is necessary to function research and education  reliably in the Netherlands (and worldwide).

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Cover Cyberdreigingsbeeld 2023 studente met VR-bril

Cyber threat analysis

What were the main cyber threats in 2020 and what are the trends for 2021?

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Training courses

Want to keep up to date on security and privacy? Check out the overview of all SURF's training courses in this area.

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