"ChatGPT is a tool that teachers and students use to do their work more efficiently"

The hype around ChatGPT has died down a bit, which means there is more room for deeper learning. In the webinar 'ChatGPT by and for teachers', teachers and students discussed the new opportunities of this technology. How can you use ChatGPT to your advantage?

Comments ChatGPT education

Student Jelte Molenaar from ROC of Amsterdam says: "I first saw it on Jinek. Since then, I have used ChatGPT a lot. I am very positive about the tool and it gives me more inspiration." Commercial economics lecturer Eric Diender also says he is positive about the technology. From summaries on concepts to background information on complex topics, you can use ChatGPT well for that. Maarten Meijer, head lecturer and vice president of the Engineering programme at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam reveals, "ChatGPT is a tool that teachers and students can use to do their work more efficiently."

ChatGPT as a question-buddy

"For me, ChatGPT is like a buddy I can ask questions to," says student Jelte. The student has a plan of action written by ChatGPT and he also learns in a different way. Eric is happy with this development. He says students learn more by actively engaging with the subject matter. Maarten concludes, "Actually, ChatGPT is now the minimum we ask from students in terms of level. We know they are using it and with this they are increasing the quality of their work."

Help tool while studying

Both Creative Business student Anemoon van der Knaap and Liza Darwesh, master's student in Artificial Intelligence are using ChatGPT for their study assignments with great success. Anemoon explains, "I use it for writing essays and also for my internship." And AI student Lisa says: "For me, ChatGPT is especially useful for detecting errors while programming."

The future of AI tools

Assistant professor Carlos Zednik at TU Eindhoven is happy with ChatGPT. "I believe these AI tools will get better and better in the future," he says. According to the assistant professor, it is important to learn to live with it. Carlos also stresses that reflecting is very important while studying and is always important for students. Carlos concludes, "ChatGPT can now write texts for students. From the education point of view, we should instead teach students to reflect on their own work." He believes in the collaboration between people and technology.

Want to watch the webinar?

The full webinar "ChatGPT for and by teachers" can be watched back on the community website of the special interest group AI in education (English translation soon available).