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Growth or collapse? Four scenarios for the future of the campus

What does the future of the campus look like? In its final report, the Future Campus project unveils four future scenarios for secondary and higher education in 2040. The four detailed scenarios - Growth, Discipline, Transformation and Collapse - each have unique characteristics and challenges.
In the central hub, she sees fellow students in a variety of spaces; quiet rooms, lounge corners, collaboration areas. She gets a coffee from the barista robot and goes to her lecture in the innovation room.
Excerpt from one of the scenarios

Toolkit and online exhibition

A practical toolkit was also published with the final report for institutions to develop their own strategic initiatives for campus development and innovation.

To present the results in an inspiring way, we have created a virtual copy of the pop-up exhibition that was on display at the SURF Onderwijsdagen. Visitors can now also experience the exhibition online, navigating from the past, via the present, through the future scenarios. 

Dialogue about the future

The scenarios are the result of intensive cooperation with experts through interactive meetings and various research methods. We invite everyone to participate in this important dialogue on the future of education and the campus.

Access the report, toolkit and virtual exhibition:


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