Futuring: looking to the future

New technologies like AI, XR, edge and quantum are enabling impactful applications. What does this mean for education and research institutions? With futuring, we look ahead and respond to developments faster and more efficiently. In this way, we jointly make better strategic choices for the future.

Futuring at SURF

Future Campus project: scenarios for tomorrow's campus

Can you still teach tomorrow's education on today's campus? Education has evolved considerably over the past century and the world around us is also changing rapidly. Yet the campus has remained almost the same. With the new Future Campus project, we are looking for the answer to the question: what will the campus look like in 2040?

Give your input on the campus of the future

Are you working on campus innovation and do you have vision documents to share? Then give us your input and feedback via a short questionnaire.

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Anticipating the future

Social, educational and technological developments influence how the campus is used. Central questions are: what might the campus look like in 2040? What do we do online and what on location? And what will those environments look like? Together with experts from different disciplines and with students, we work on future scenarios. With these scenarios, we can better anticipate the future. We bring together what is happening in the field of campus innovation and engage with institutions on the campus of the future. The exploration is a one-year project and runs throughout 2023.


We aim to work closely with the education sector and all key stakeholders in the Future Campus project to create a future image of the campus that best serves our goals, namely:

  • Inspire and incite the sector to campus development
  • Anticipate the future, focusing on continuity
  • Strengthen the national knowledge base around campus development
  • Connect to promote cooperation and knowledge sharing

Project approach

The project has a phased approach using various design-thinking and futuring methodologies. Two major working methods are also central; the 'Double Diamond' approach and the futuring method 'Scenario building'.

Read the blog explaining the approach in more detail

Contribute to the project

We would love to get in touch with the right people from educational institutions. Fill in the short questionnaire (2 minutes' fill-in time) to tell us about campus innovation at your institution and/or come to our meetings and participate in other activities you can sign up for later in the year. For questions or suggestions, please contact Iris Huis in 't Veld.

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