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Publinova is live: the new platform that makes practice-based research visible

Publinova allows researchers and professors to increase the impact of their research. On Publinova, you can share and download research, connect with professional peers and discover the latest findings in practice-based research.

Research visible and findable

Publinova brings practice-oriented research to life and makes it accessible to anyone seeking knowledge. Indeed, on, researchers and professors share their wealth of knowledge. Not only with colleagues from other universities of applied sciences, but also with professionals from various fields and a wider audience. Making these knowledge sources available via open access makes it easier to exchange ideas between research, education, business and society as a whole.

Publinova connects professionals and makes practice-based research accessible to a wide audience. Discover, share, and learn from the experts in your field.

Publinova's growth through collaboration

Publinova is maintained and fed in close cooperation with and by fourteen Dutch universities of applied sciences, governing body SIA and the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. Besides the content contributed by professors and researchers, there is a dedicated editorial team with experts from universities of applied sciences, governing body SIA and SURF. Publinova is a showcase for research that will be filled more collectively in the coming period. Does your university already participate? Find more information on how your university can join here.


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Advantages of Publinova at a glance:

  • Accessibility: Publinova makes practice-based research accessible to a wide audience.
  • Knowledge sharing: it promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise between universities of applied sciences.
  • Open access: research is freely available to all, promoting transparency and equal access.
  • Collaboration: it facilitates cooperation between research, education and business.
  • Maximising research impact: through a national pooling of knowledge and a wide reach in terms of target groups, it contributes to maximising the impact of practice-oriented research.

Want to know more?

Visit Publinova's information page to access the calendar of information events and learn more about what Publinova can do for you and how you can join as a college.

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