Illustratie van programmeercode met daaroverheen geel tape waarop cybercrime staat

Record number of applications for tabletop cyber crisis exercise NOZON 2024

The biennial tabletop cyber crisis exercise NOZON has reached a record with 103 registrations. This edition is organised by SURF together with MBO Digitaal, Kennisnet and Z-CERT, allowing an even broader group of institutions to participate. NOZON is a short tabletop exercise at strategic or just IT/technical level and takes place from March 11th to 22nd.

Practice continues to be important

NOZON (and OZON) is getting bigger every edition. This shows the growing need to practise. And that is great, because practising how to respond to a cyber crisis is very important: the cyber threat continues to rise. At NOZON, each institution organises its own tabletop exercise of 1 or 2 at IT or strategic level in the same fortnight, using material provided by SURF. Each organisation decides for itself when it is best to hold this exercise and the sample scenarios are designed so that you can play them out with a limited number of people in one room.

International exercises too

Cybercrime is also practised internationally. For example, universities in Belgium are practising throughout March. Belnet (the Belgian NREN), with expertise from SURF, is organising a tabletop exercise with the same approach as NOZON. This way, we are also better prepared for a crisis internationally.

Do a tabletop crisis exercise yourself?

Unfortunately, you can no longer register for this edition of NOZON. Do you still want to prepare your institution for a cyber crisis? Then get started yourself with the NOZON manual. In it you will find various crisis exercises.

Download the NOZON manual
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