Student mobility pilot goes international

The EuroTeQ consortium brings together six European technical universities, including TU/e. EuroTeQ has launched a Student mobility pilot to allow students to take cources at another educational institution. It is a great example of European cooperation, where technology developed by SURF is also deployed outside the Dutch domain.
Studenten TU Eindhoven zitten met rugzak

Promoting student mobility at European level

At European level, there is also a desire to promote student mobility. To this end, the European Commission has launched the European Universities initiative. Within these European Universities, universities from different countries work together to facilitate European student mobility. For example, the EuroTeQ consortium is now making the necessary preparations to run a pilot with EuroTeQ students who want to take courses at another educational institution.

EuroTeQ uses parts of the eduXchange platform

The EuroTeQ consortium wants to make it easier for students to take courses at another educational institution in a way that students retain control over their data and their privacy is guaranteed. EuroTeQ is seeking collaboration with SURF because of the development of the eduXchange platform for the Student mobility pilot of the Acceleration Plan for Education Innovation with ICT. EuroTeQ will run a pilot on its own platform, using components of the eduXchange platform. Through this EuroTeQ platform, students from all member universities will be able to orientate on the common course offer and register for courses.


Thirteen Dutch universities participate in the European Universities initiative. If you work in one of those consortia and are also interested in similar applications to the eduXchange platform, please contact Tibert van Dijk or Jocelyn Manderveld.

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