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SURFdrive's birthday treat: storage doubles from 500GB to 1TB

SURFdrive is celebrating its 10th anniversary in a very special way: all users receive a doubling of storage capacity from 500GB to 1000GB (1TB). In its ten years of existence, SURFdrive's user base has grown to more than 75,000, who collectively store and share more than 1.5 petabytes of data.

Security and privacy

The cloud-based sync-and-share service SURFdrive was developed by SURF in 2014. At the time, many students and employees of Dutch educational institutions used commercial cloud services such as Dropbox and Google without paying much attention to the security of their data or privacy rules.

Universities did pay attention to these issues and wanted to offer a secure and privacy-friendly alternative. This is how SURFdrive came about and it has steadily grown into a data storage and sharing tool currently used by 42 institutions. SURF has built on SURFdrive's success by launching Research Drive, a sync- and-share service dedicated to research collaborations, in 2018.

Efficient mutual collaboration and responsible sharing

SURF sees that public values such as privacy and continued autonomy are more relevant than ever. Also, during ten years of SURFdrive, the need for responsible data sharing and efficient mutual collaboration has only grown. With the increase in storage capacity, SURFdrive has thus become even more attractive to users as a viable alternative to big tech tools.

1 TB on SURFdrive now available

For all SURFdrive users, the storage capacity of 1 TB is automatically available.

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