Paper A flexible and personal learning environment: a modular functional model

The flexible and personal digital learning environment is composed of a number of separate components. What data and functionalities do these components consist of, how are they connected and what standards are required to enable these components to work together in one integrated environment? This paper aims to answer these questions.

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Functional model of the digital learning environment

The functional model describes the way in which the digital learning environment gives substance to educational functions within an institution and the relationships between them. The objective of the paper is to provide ideas on further development of the digital learning environment and to offer points for discussion.

Two views on structuring the components

The relationships between the components of the digital learning environment can be regarded in a number of ways. In this paper, we examine two approaches: one based on the Higher Education Reference Architecture (HORA) and one based on the fortress metaphor.

Data flows per component and standards

Subsequently, the paper discusses the incoming and outgoing data as well as the standards involved for each component. This clarifies how the components can be integrated, resulting in a functional model for a modular digital learning environment. There is also an overview of the challenges and points of interest for the standards used.

From separate components to an integrated environment

This publication is the follow-up to the paper A flexible and personal learning environment (PDF). In that paper, SURFnet and a number of higher education institutions called for a modular approach to the learning environment consisting of various different components.

Target audience

This document is intended for individuals concerned with the implementation of the digital learning environment. This includes (technical) project leaders, technical/functional managers, information managers and architects.