Public values for XR in education and research

What should you think about when it comes to eXtended Reality (XR) technologies and public values within education and research? We describe the use of XR in two different examples to understand what new questions arise from the perspective of public values.

Responsible XR

As technologies continue to digitalise our educational and research world, the time is now to guide and shape their influence responsibly. Many educational institutions are diving into XR technologies, and the surge of innovation and experimentation is exciting. However, as we navigate through technical concerns, order headsets, and expand their virtual experiences to new domains, we should ensure that these advancements align with our shared public values.

In this document, we present the main parts of the discussion on the use of eXtended Reality (or XR) technologies in education and research. The first step is to understand XR use in particular case examples, and raise new questions regarding XR from a public values perspective.

Case example 1 focuses on VR-based digital laboratories (labs) located in the Netherlands. This is followed by asking questions about the technology in context, empowering both users and developers to take the role of responsible technology seriously.

Case example 2 will be on VR-Powered Virtual Presentation Training. This is followed by asking critical questions about the technology in context, empowering both user and developers to take the role of technology in their personal situation(s) seriously.

3 conclusions

  1. XR in training has shown to be effective in specific uses and applications, leading to new transformations in both lab training and communication.
  2. Public values as a basis for serious reflection on XR technologies lead to new, more critical questions for educators and researchers alike to ask when considering these new technologies in their situation.
  3. To put these public values into action, the XR technologies must be aligned with our public values through responsible practices.

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