SURF Magazine: discussion with board members about public values

With a series of seven online seminars for board members in education and research, SURF is initiating the discussion about how we as a sector can join forces to protect public values in IT. We look back at the seminar series with some of the board members present in 3 SURF Magazine articles.

Opname seminar publieke waarden in de studio

Under the guidance of journalist and moderator Frénk van der Linden and philosopher Marjan Slob, board members discussed how we, as a sector, can work together to protect public values. The seminars took place between January and July 2021.


In seven seminars, speakers from private, public and political organisations highlighted challenges in the area of values, in order to jointly discover opportunities to take control as an education sector. In each seminar, a subject was approached from different perspectives and the participants engaged in a discussion at the cutting edge.

The series consisted of three parts:

  • In part I, we explored where tensions arise between, for example, cultural, private and public values.

    We look back on this first part with HAN board member Yvonne de Haan.

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  • In part II, we took this knowledge into account when considering values in the context of education and research.

    We looked back on this second part with TU Delft director Rob Mudde.

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  • In part III, we examined how we can jointly secure values.

    We looked back on this third part with Graafschap College board member Mirjam Koster 

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  • During SURF's seminar series for board members about public values, philosopher Marjan Slob was present to provide the sessions with the necessary reflection. She wrote a column on the theme of the series.

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