The SURF network in practice

Users and researchers talk about their research and how the SURF network supports them.  The network is the basis of all the IT facilities at your institution. Without a stable network, there can be no education, research, or innovation with IT. Curious how others use the network in their work?

spijkers in een bord complex verbonden door garen
Peter Kingma



SuperGPS is much more accurate than GPS, especially in urban areas. Read how they manage that at TU Delft.

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Wolken weerkaatst in raam

Weather data sharing

KNMI shares weather data with fellow institutes

How do you share weather data within Europe? The KNMI explains how it does this via EUMETSAT.

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Remote driving schermen 5G-MOBIX TU/e

Controlling cars remotely

Controlling a car remotely via two 5G networks

Driving a car remotely requires extra security. How do you do that, if you want to switch 5G networks?

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spijkers in een bord complex verbonden door garen

How molecules communicate

Molecules working together

Molecules also communicate with each other. Alexandre Bonvin, tries to predict how. And to do so, he makes use of computer power from all over the world.

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Tijdsynchronisatie via een glasvezelverbinding

How do you use a fibre-optic connection to pinpoint time?

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superGPS Snelweg


SuperGPS is veel nauwkeuriger dan GPS, zeker in stedelijk gebied. Lees hoe ze dat bij TU Delft voor elkaar krijgen.

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