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Setting the right tone for the future together will be central during the education & IT event of the year: the SURF Education Days on 12 and 13 November. During the 26th edition, we inspire participants to look ahead and outline the educational developments that will become relevant in the coming years.

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SURF Education Awards

During the SURF Education Days, we will present the SURF Education Awards 2024 for the ninth time, to innovators who make a difference and inspire colleagues to push their boundaries. Do you know an educational innovator who deserves a SURF Education Award? Then submit it no later than 20 June.

Who do you nominate for the SURF Education Awards 2024?

Which board member, education advisor, IT specialist, lecturer or other education professional deserves a SURF Education Award?

Fillin the nomination form at the bottom of this page.

Why the SURF Education Awards?

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With society becoming increasingly dependent on information technology and all the soft and hardware involved, it is vital that educational institutions keep a close eye on these developments. This importance has recently become even greater with online and hybrid education.

Not just to keep up ourselves, but especially to provide today's students with the best possible education. However, this is only possible when committed individuals from the education sector get involved. We are looking for education innovators who make a major contribution to educational innovation with IT. With the annual presentation of the SURF Education Awards, we give them a stage to increase their impact and reach and to inspire others.

All winners in the Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame features the winners of past editions of the SURF Education Awards.

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