SURF Education Days 2024 for mbo, hbo and wo

Setting the right tone for the future together will be central during the education & IT event of the year: the SURF Education Days on 12 and 13 November. During the 26th edition, we inspire participants to look ahead and outline the educational developments that will become relevant in the coming years.

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About the SURF Education Days

Are you an educational innovation programme manager, education manager, IT&O officer, IT manager or lecturer in senior secondary vocational, higher vocational and university education? Then come to the SURF Education Days 2023. We offer a programme that will inspire you to prepare for the future as an education professional.

Set the tone! Come to the SURF Education Days 2024

Education prepares younger generations for the future. So in a world that is changing at lightning speed, education has to change with them. That means working on new teaching methods, embracing new technologies and responding to students' changing needs. Leading education means future-proof education. And that future is becoming increasingly digital.

People first

What all these technological developments mean for the daily practice of education professionals is hard to predict. Nor how we will feel in that rapidly changing practice. That is why we at SURF strive to strike the right balance between progress and well-being. With our knowledge and experience as a bridge-builder between IT and education, we continuously connect (digital) innovation with the human dimension. We see the opportunities of technologies such as AI, learning analytics, online proctoring and virtual reality, but at the same time pay attention to the associated challenges around security, privacy and ethical dilemmas.

Two days full of knowledge and inspiration

During the SURF Education Days 2024, we will discuss these topics. Be inspired on 12 and 13 November by keynotes by futurists and innovative thinkers from the field of education and beyond. Visit presentations by professionals and teams whose initiatives are reshaping education. Take part in practical workshops, listen to stimulating lectures and share your ideas with other education professionals. Make contacts for new collaborations or immerse yourself in a variety of new products and services.

Education of the future

This year's SURF Education Days will take place at a completely new and inspiring venue: Amare in The Hague. Amare is the Netherlands' new music and theatre complex. With modern concert halls, atmospheric foyers and various stages, Amare perfectly matches this year's theme: Set the tone! After all, we set the right tone for the future together.

Show your commitment to the education of the future and come to the SURF Education Days 2024


The organisation of the SURF Education Days is in the hands of SURF. We are the IT cooperation organisation of Dutch education and research. In this role, we bring together ict professionals from secondary vocational education and higher education, within networks and collaboration projects for knowledge sharing around ict innovation.


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