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Students and lecturers have ever-changing needs when it comes to the use of tools in education. An institution must be able to respond flexibly to this with the digital learning environment. Together with institutions and suppliers, SURF is investigating what such a learning environment can look like in practice and what is needed to realise it: both technologically and within the organisation.


Ervaringen met de digitale leeromgeving

Hoe pak je het verbeteren van de gebruikerservaring in de leeromgeving praktisch aan? In de publicatie ‘Verbeter de gebruikerservaring van de digitale leeromgeving’ delen zeven instellingen hun geleerde lessen.

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Control of the digital learning environment

What challenges do institutions face in organising the digital learning environment in such a way as to accommodate the wishes and requirements of students and lecturers?

  • How do you form a vision of the digital learning environment?
  • How do you organise a digital learning environment?
  • What technology is required for a digital learning environment?
  • What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing modules?
  • How can you further develop the digital learning environment?

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SURF Communities

Sharing challenges within the community

Do you have questions about the digital learning environment or would you like to share your experiences? Get in touch with other experts within the special interest group (SIG) Digital learning and working environment and discover together what a flexible learning environment can look like in practice.

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Organisation of the digital learning environment

Twee studenten samen achter een laptop


Are you responsible for developing a vision for setting up a digital learning environment? Read more about our advice on how to form a vision.

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Digitale leeromgeving


Institutions shape the digital learning environment in various ways, with the educational vision being the starting point. As an institution, how do you translate the educational vision into the design of the digital learning environment? 

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Man achter computer met veel kleuren op het scherm


A flexible learning environment requires new architectures in which integration and data exchange of individual components is a major challenge.

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Studenten in open ruimte aan het werk


Procurement law often plays a role in the procurement of parts of the digital learning environment. Get information about when tendering is necessary, how a tender goes in outline and from which procedures an institution can choose.

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Continue doorontwikkeling in de digitale leeromgeving

Continued development

A digital learning environment is never finished: it requires continuous attention for improvement. Various institutions show how they keep their digital learning environment up to date and what lessons they have learned.

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Educational applications

Hoe staat het met de digitale leeromgeving 2020

Hoe staat het met de digitale leeromgeving in 2020

Welke applicaties gebruiken instellingen om het onderwijs te ondersteunen?  Bekijk het overzicht van de meest gebruikte applicaties in 2020.

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Studenten werken samen op Hogeschool


SURF has developed an LTI-launcher with which it is possible to start up LTI applications from multiple locations within the digital learning environment.

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Student werkt in bibliotheek

CopyRIGHT tool: copyright for digital learning materials well regulated

The CopyRIGHT tool provides insight into copyright when using and reusing digital learning materials.

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User experience

gebruikerservaring van de digitale leeromgeving

Improve the user experience of the digital learning environment

What is the practical approach to improving the user experience in the composite learning environment? This publication explains how you can make use of user feedback to improve the user experience. And what are the lessons learned from institutions that have been working on this topic for some time.

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Een document wordt doorgegeven van de ene naar de andere persoon

Handreiking gebruikerservaring van de digitale leeromgeving

Hoe bereik je een optimale gebruikerservaring van de modulair opgebouwde digitale leeromgeving? In deze publicatie lees je welke elementen de gebruikerservaring beïnvloeden en krijg je handvatten om de gebruikerservaring van je eigen leeromgeving te optimaliseren.

Naar de handreiking