Sustainability and CSR ICT facilities

SURF supports education and research institutions in making their IT more sustainable. These include reducing your energy consumption, socially responsible procurement of IT, and the sustainable disposal of hardware. We exchange knowledge and experience through meetings, reports, tools and more.



Together with the education and research sector, we want to make the use of electronics as circular as possible. This will prevent e-waste (electronic waste) from ending up in a garbage dump in Africa.

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SURF Green ICT Maturity Model

The SURF Green ICT Maturity Model (SGIMM) enables you to quickly and independently gain insights into the role ICT has in greening your organisation.
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24 aspecten van groene ict maturity mode

Socially responsible procurement

SURF and corporate social responsibility

SURF is working on developments that are important for future generations. We therefore want to contribute to sustainability in the research and education sector. Sustainability is also an integral part of our service.

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Twee handen met tablet met daarop een groene grafiek en laptop op achtergrond

Blog: Green shopping at SURFspot

In this blog, content employee Pieter de Wit explains how SURFspot makes sustainable products available to students and employees of institutions.

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Energy savings for institutes that share cloud storage

Institutes that store their data in the cloud instead of on their own server save a great deal of energy.

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Report Power: more green, real green

How can higher education contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands? Read our recommendations (in Dutch).

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medewerkers van instelling kijken naar een mock up van windmolens

Artikel Computermodellen in de strijd tegen plasticsoep

The Ocean Cleanup wil de ‘plasticsoep’ uit zee verwijderen. Daarbij hebben ze nu hulp gekregen van SURFsara, in de vorm van supercomputer Cartesius.
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afbeelding van de ocean clean up in gebruik

Case study: 20% energy savings thanks to easy trick

With Demand Based Switching, a processor automatically reduces its clock speed during limited utilisation.

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Save energy with an e-infrastructure

A shared e-infrastructure provides education and research institutions with considerable energy savings. Read the recommendations in the report.

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Best practice: Living lab for a sustainable world

The Green Village tests sustainable and smart technologies in a real-life environment. The data infrastructure was developed in collaboration with SURF (in Dutch).

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Green village