Manage groups better with a group management application

Increasingly, people are working together in groups. For this reason, it is becoming more important to be able to manage groups simply within an institution. How do you do this, what types of groups are there, actually, and how do you keep it manageable within SURFconext? The ‘Group management’ infographic answers these questions.

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Group management can offer a solution for everyone.

SURFnet has recently researched the problems associated with group management. Outcome: a group management application that offers a solution for everyone. SURFnet is going to develop just such an application. Not only IT experts will be able to create groups - if the institution allows it, individual users will be able to do so too.

Infographic offers starting point

In order to understand the problems associated with group management at SURFconext, one must have some knowledge of how groups function within institutions and which issues require attention. The infographic provides some elaboration on this. This infographic is a handy starting point for everyone who is involved with groups.

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