New service iotroam connects IoT devices securely and traceably

A private network for IoT devices that, together with eduroam, ensures optimal connection of all wireless devices at your institution. No more self-built solutions, but a self-service portal where students, lecturers, staff and researchers connect their devices. Since 1 January, iotroam has been available as a SURF service.

Why iotroam?

The development of devices that need network connectivity to function is going very fast. They are increasingly used in education and research and are a valuable asset for innovative and novel ways of teaching. In addition, students bring their own phones and other tools to lessons as standard. All these devices must be able to connect to the institution's network in a secure and traceable way. This often proved challenging, which is why SURF developed iotroam. We built iotroam with open-source software and vendor-neutral, so it works on any Wi-Fi network.

Applications iotroam

In recent years, we have gained experience with several pilot settings. These included testing the iotroam portal that allows users themselves to get their IoT devices online without the intervention of the ICT department. A whole arsenal of devices were also linked and tested: fitness equipment, VR glasses, smart thermostats, 3D printers, AEDs and even a beehive and a real truck lab. IoT devices can be exchanged effortlessly between different locations and institutions.

Interested in iotroam?

Please contact Thomas Esman, product manager iotroam.

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