Nikolaos Paterakis of TU Eindhoven wins grant for quantum computing

Dr. Nikolaos Paterakis from the Eindhoven University of Technology is the winner of SURF's Open Call for hybrid quantum computing 2023. The grant will be used to support the research of a postdoc.

Dr. Paterakis is assistant professor of Power System Optimization and Electricity Markets in the Electrical Energy Systems research group, Department of Electrical Engineering at TU/e. He submitted a proposal to further develop an algorithmic framework to explore whether we can improve the computational viability of complex stochastic programs to evaluate power system reserve needs using the combination of HPC and quantum computing.

New computing paradigm

Ariana Torres, lead quantum computing at SURF, explains why the grant was awarded to Dr. Paterakis: "His proposal 'QUantum-Assisted Stochastic programming Accelerating the energy tRansition' (QUASAR), aims to introduce quantum computing in a interesting and relevant use case. Working together with our members in hybrid computing use cases allows us to further understand what type expertise, experience and tools are needed to prepare ourselves, researchers and students for this new computing paradigm."

Strengthening ties

Dr. Paterakis is pleased with the grant. "The grant will allow me to further explore the potential of quantum computing in the field of energy system optimization and hopefully further strengthen my ties with the quantum community in the Netherlands."

About SURF's Open Call for hybrid quantum computing 2023