Futuring: a look to the future

New technologies like AI, XR, edge and quantum are enabling impactful applications. What does this mean for education and research institutions? With futuring, we look ahead and respond to developments faster and more efficiently. In this way, we jointly make better strategic choices for the future.

Futuring at SURF

New technologies

SURF explores technological developments that are likely to have an impact on Dutch education and research. We share knowledge, inspire and experiment with new technologies to jointly work on future-proof solutions.

Exploring trends with public values as a starting point

We already see great initiatives and applications of new technologies in the education and research field. And with the launch of the SURF Tech Trends report, we are starting a long-term collaboration with members and technical experts on technological developments. We jointly identify trends, we explore and experiment and we test the trends against public values such as inclusiveness, freedom of education, accessibility, safety, reliability, self-determination and the professional autonomy of teachers, researchers and institutions.

6 technologies SURF is working on

  • Advanced computing
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Edge
  • Extended reality (XR)
  • Networking
  • Quantum
The importance of digitisation is constantly increasing and at such a rapid pace that the possibilities and implications are not immediately visible to everyone. As a cooperative of and for education and research, we see the need for exploration, interpretation and focus when it comes to technological developments.
Ron Augustus, Chief Innovation Officer of SURF

SURF Tech Trends 2023

SURF Tech Trends 2023 Cover

With 6 technologies and 29 trends, SURF Tech Trends is an inspiring trend report for everyone working in education and research. It helps to understand the technological developments around us, put our observations in perspective and inspire. From a technology perspective, we give an overview of signals and trends, and also show some examples of how technology is developing.

Read the trend report

Imagining the future with SURF Tech Trends 2023

Technologies and trends only really come to life when we, the education and research sector together, shape developments and applications. Three experts tell how they view this.

Read the interview

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