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e-Portfolio platform Scorion available to SURF members by the end of 2023

From 15 December 2023, institutions participating in the joint tender can purchase the Scorion e-portfolio platform through SURF. Scorion is an e-portfolio tool for programmatic testing and flexible education. In August 2023, SURF already signed contracts with three other e-portfolio solution providers on behalf of nine institutions.

Scorion is an e-portfolio platform for programme-based testing and the use of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). Through a digital app, students and supervisors easily provide feedback and assessments. Scorion's dashboard shows an overview of progress and achievements.

Duration of 5 years

Like the framework agreements for the eJournal, Portflow and PebblePad tools, the agreement with Scorion (formerly Parantion) has been concluded for a period of four years, with an option for a one-off one-year extension. After this period, another tender process will take place.

Purchasing collaboration via SURF

Joint procurement of IT contracts via SURF saves costs, ensures that contracts comply with current legislation and regulations, and relieves institutions of contract management. On My SURF you can see all current and future tenders in the procurement calendar (behind login).

Read more on our page about procurement processes