Working with architecture

As an institution, you want to support your target group in the best possible way. To do this, your information provision must be in order. This can be done by working with architecture, which describes the relationship between facilities. With a joint information strategy, SURF helps institutions collaborate in setting up their information services.

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Better collaboration with Higher Education Sector Architecture

To ensure that facilities in the education chain and research are better connected, higher education is developing the Higher Education Sector Architecture (HOSA), in collaboration with SURF. Menno Scheers is lead architect of HOSA. He explains what exactly HOSA is and where the project stands.

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HORA (Higher Education Reference Architecture)

HORA (Higher Education Reference Architecture) is a collection of tools you can use to set up the organisation and information management of Dutch higher education institutions.

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HOSA (Higher Education Sector Architecture)

HOSA stands for Higher Education Sector Architecture. This sector architecture should contain frameworks that help suppliers of the common information and technology facilities develop and deliver these facilities.

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Cooperative facility Architecture

Within SURF, universities, universities of applied sciences, universities of applied sciences, university medical centres and research institutes work together to procure or develop the best possible digital services and to promote knowledge sharing through constant innovation. Cooperating in the field of architecture and working jointly with- and on architecture makes it possible to better manage procurement, development and delivery of services in a cooperative context. In addition, this cooperation contributes to innovation and knowledge sharing. Through the Architecture Cooperative Facility, SURF supports, stimulates and develops cooperation in the field of architecture and working jointly with and on architecture.

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Working with architecture: more efficient, more effective and cheaper

Collaborating on architecture offers institutions numerous advantages. That is the firm belief of Tom van Veen, Architecture and Standards Advisor at SURF, and Jan Willem Brock, Head of Information Management at Leiden University.

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Tom van Veen

Tom van Veen

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