Cloud and Edge Technologies

We all use the cloud, and the cloud also offers many opportunities for research and education. From distributed computing and storage to enabling AI at the Edge, we investigate new cloud technologies, trends, architectures and solutions.

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About cloud and edge technologies

The goal of the program is to explore and investigate how cloud and edge technologies can simplify and improve our members' interaction with diverse systems, interoperability across different platforms and administrative domains. Discover new opportunities, technologies and services - while upholding public values and the principles of

Developments in cloud technology

Specifically, we look at cloud developments within communities and ecosystems where innovation plays an important role. Think of typical research infrastructures such as EOSC (generic) or Health RI (domain-oriented, community), but also industry and private collaborations such as GAIA-x.

For education and research, we are interested in the following cloud-related topics, among others: security, data sovereignty, federated cloud environments, public standards and values, data portability, governance and the access to and security of a cloud environment.

Edge computing

We are particularly interested in edge computing. This is a cloud trend in which local data centres and sensors provide computing power and storage without delay. Although edge computing is not new per se, it is becoming more relevant with the application of 5G and computing facilities on edge devices.

A well-known example of the application of edge computing is self-driving cars which quickly process information with edge devices in order to control the car. In addition, security and control over one's own data can be important reasons for applying edge computing.

Experimenting with new cloud technologies

Within the Edge-oriented technologies theme, we are setting up experimentation environments in which we, together with partners, conduct research into new cloud technologies and where we carry out prototyping. Within this theme, we focus specifically on edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Research communities, (open source) developers and companies can develop, test and implement new cloud technologies here. We are looking at how we can realise a safe and federated national (cloud) infrastructure together with institutions, companies and government organisations. We link up with international initiatives such as EOSC, EuroHPC (EUROcc) and GAIA-X.

Work in this theme can lead to new services within SURF's portfolio. Collaboration with services within SURF is therefore essential.