Cloud and Edge Technologies

We all use the cloud, and the cloud also offers many opportunities for research and education. From distributed computing and storage to enabling AI at the Edge, we investigate new cloud technologies, trends, architectures and solutions.

Labs thema edge oriented technologies

Living Lab TU/e Platform

In this project, we develop the 'Living Lab TU/e Platform', a platform for collecting and using data in the Living Lab TU/e. We pay attention to the controlled and safe use of privacy-sensitive data, so that they can be used by researchers.

Why are we doing this project?

In the TU/e Living Lab, researchers can use the university campus as a testing ground to come up with solutions for social problems and business challenges. Researchers can let users experience live scenarios, collecting data that can be analysed. The ultimate goal is to create a greener and smarter campus, to facilitate research and test innovations and technology in a real-life setting.

What are the main activities?

In this project we want to develop the 'Living Lab TU/e platform', which enables the collection and use of data in the Living Lab TU/e. The platform we develop supports concepts such as building the smart cities of tomorrow. On the platform, new technologies can be developed to a Technology Readiness Level (TRL), which is useful for commercial partners.

The platform must ensure the controlled and safe use of (privacy-sensitive) data - often originating from sensors in buildings - so that this data can be used by researchers.

Who are we collaborating with?

For this project we collaborate with TU/e, but also with the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft.