Public values: condition for digital transformation

Educational and research institutions are working hard to provide a safe digital environment for students and staff. They are faced with a dilemma: how do they guarantee security, autonomy and inclusion, while their dependence on dominant commercial parties is growing? Together, we explore, discuss and form visions in order to make informed decisions.
Opname seminar publieke waarden in de studio

Talking about public values

With a series of online seminars for administrators in education and research, SURF is initiating the discussion about how we as a sector can join forces to protect public values in ICT. We look back on the first three meetings with Yvonne de Haan of the HAN, a participant in the seminar.

Article Talking about public values

Value Framework for education and research

The ongoing digital transformation in education offers many advantages, but at the same time, it puts critical public values under pressure. This trend is increasing the need to re-examine public values, for example in terms of privacy, security, reliability, transparency, autonomy and democratic decision-making.

Value Framework for education and research

Twee studenten aan tafel achter een laptop in de bibliotheek
studenten lopen rond in instelling

Reaction to the open letter "Moving to the Cloud, look before you leap"

We share the concerns expressed in ACCSS's open letter. SURF has been discussing them with its members for some time now and is taking action in various ways. 

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Publieke toegang tot informatie en regie op digitalisering

Public organisations call attention to the Dutch Parliament for public access to information and public control of digitisation

Both subjects must be high on the government's agenda. In a letter to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Digital Affairs (DiZa), various organisations, including SURF, point out the urgency of this task.

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Videobellen in vergaderzaal

AP advice: Google Workspace in education poses too many risks

The Dutch Personal Data Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, AP) has stated that it is unclear whether personal data in Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite for Education) is sufficiently protected.

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Groep mensen staand voor een groot scherm met elkaar in overleg

SURF and public values

Since its establishment, SURF has been guided by important public values such as accessibility, reliability, freedom of choice, and privacy. How are these values intertwined with SURF's activities? 

SURF and public values

Christien Bok keynote OWD

Gather or be devoured

During the SURF Education Days 2019, Christien Bok (impulse manager for educational innovation at SURF) gave a keynote in which she called on higher education to quickly reach agreements on open standards. To prevent being devoured by the big platforms and the Big Five.

Watch keynote Gather or be devoured (in Dutch)
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